Wellness 360



Wellness 360

Congratulations! You’re about to take the first step toward a dramatically improved lifestyle.

Our Wellness 360 program starts with a comprehensive eight-week immersion plan that includes nutrition, fitness, recovery, and lifestyle services.  Whether you’re looking to feel great again after a life change—baby, job, relationship, or anything else—or want to achieve a sense of wellness you’ve never felt before, Wellness 360 can get you there.

The program focuses on your needs and is designed to help members get healthy—and stay healthy!

Everything you need to live healthy is right here at the Club

Begin and end your eight-week program with a body composition analysis administered by a WAC Dietitian. These tests will provide you with clear data showing the progress you made. During the program, workout with unlimited access to group classes through Fitness Advantage, as well as eight personal training sessions.

The services of Wellness 360 extend beyond the Club with Nutrition Now and a visit to a grocery store, where our WAC Dietitian will show you how to shop smart. Regular massage sessions at the Spa at the WAC and myofascial release education will help you recover and relax during this life-changing transition.

Examine your holistic health with your wellness coach from the inside out. Our comprehensive program will get you on the right track to discovering an improved version of yourself!

Your eight-week Wellness 360 immersion includes:

  • Eight personal training sessions
  • Eight weeks of Fitness Advantage and unlimited group fitness classes
  • Four massages
  • Four assisted stretch sessions
  • Nutritional consultations
  • Three body blueprint analyses
  • Wellness coaching sessions
  • Grocery shopping guidance
  • Meal plans and food prep ideas
  • Supplement education

Following the eight-week program, ongoing Wellness 360 services will be designed through personal consultation.

I’m ready to take the next step!

That’s wonderful! We’re excited to help your change your life. Please take just a couple of minutes to help us understand more about you and prepare for your success.

After you hit submit, we’ll contact you to set up an initial consultation. You may also contact wellness@wac.net for more information.

The eight-week Wellness 360 immersion program requires a full commitment to your health. Participants will ideally visit the Club at least four times a week to maximize benefits. In cases of emergency or hardship, the program may be extended two weeks to complete your sessions.