How to fit your bike

Small adjustments can yield big payoffs in comfort and performance in the saddle

The benefits of foam rolling 1By Mike Chen, MTI Physical Therapist

As winter settles in, Seattleites often look for indoor options to continue their fitness journeys. One such alternative many have turned to in recent years is indoor cycling. There are many options for indoor cycling, including great spin bikes and group classes at the WAC. The Club also offers virtual cycling classes, allowing members to participate from home.

Whether you decide to cycle indoors or out this winter, now is a great time to make adjustments to improve your comfort and biomechanical efficiency in the saddle. You can make many of these same adjustments on the stationary bikes at the WAC. Getting the right fit will help make every riding experience better.

The easiest adjustments on your bike and available on most stationary bikes without purchasing additional parts are to the saddle height, fore and aft placement, and tilt. Other standard adjustments include the length and angle of your stem. The stem is what connects your handlebars to your bike and affects how far you must reach for the handlebars.

There are many other adjustments you can make to your bike, but these few should get you close to a good fit and improve your efficiency and comfort.

—Mike Chen is a physical therapist with MTI Physical Therapy at the WAC, located on the 4th Floor of the Clubhouse in the WAC Wellness Center. He is also a regular cyclist. WAC members may schedule an appointment with Mike by calling 206.839.4780 or emailing MTI is in-network with most major health insurance companies.

As published in the January/February/March 2022 issue of WAC Magazine

—Posted January 5, 2022

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